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Veronica Mars Fanfic Resource Journal

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Veronica Mars Fic Resource Journal
Fanfiction can be one of the most enjoyable parts of online fandom. This resource journal was created to share tips and suggestions for fanfiction authors and betas - specifically within the Veronica Mars fandom.

This fic journal was formed for the purpose of providing you, the writers and readers within the VM fandom, with a resource about what, exactly, is good fanfiction. We'll be posting articles and links to various fanfiction challenges on a semi-regular basis, so please do feel free to friend this journal.

If you'd like to look at the articles that have already been written and posted, please check out this journal's memories. All the articles have been added to the memories and are sorted both by the general "article" theme, as well as by a more specific subtopic.

We're not currently looking to add any more editors to this journal, but if you might be interested in writing a specific article for vm_ficresource, please feel free to send an email to mousebumples [at] gmail.com.

Also, if you're interested in giving and/or receiving constructive criticism on fanfiction, please check out our affiliates - vm_betas and fic_from_mars!

Your editors,
herowlness, hillaryr, mastermia, onastick, silver1226